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Its wavelength is exactly ten times smaller than CO2 which prevents it from being absorbed in a variety of materials. Consequently, it can only be used with a limited number of materials. The cost of ownership is less compared to other machines and the system is reliable. It is able to mark even difficult materials, such as PCBs, plastics, nickel and gold plating. Laser marking for leatherWhen it comes to marking organic materials and synthetic polymers, carbonising is the way to go.

However, the maximum depth largely depends on the specifics of a particular unit. If you need a laser cutter and engraver for your business, you should definitely look into their line of products. NEJE is one of the most popular CNC machine manufacturers in the maker community. They produce a range of laser engravers and cutters of all sizes and budgets. The Glowforge 3D Laser Printer is one of the more premium products. It boasts a clean and elegant design and comes with user-friendly web-based software.

Our laser machines have overcome all these issues and now they are computer controlled and provide a non-contract processing with high accuracy, high consistency, and no consumable cost. Hispeed Laser Technology Ltd. is a laser marking machine manufacturer established to produce and supply laser marking machines and provide laser marking solutions. From popular entry-level laser markers, to complex laser marking engraving projects,we can provide a complete solution according to your needs. The traditional marking methods often utilize lubricants and solvents that can contaminate printed products and become contamination. In this way, traditional marking methods would not be acceptable. While, the UV laser marking machine does not directly contact the product, which enables the working process to more clean and release less contamination.

You can use them to permanently mark data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, barcodes, logos, and more. To help you find the right marking equipment for your project, MECCO offers free sample marking so that you can see what the mark would look like on your material. The comprehensive expansion of hardware and software makes the application of marking technology more and more widely, but its security protection issues should also be further improved. Laser marking technology optimizes many process defects of traditional marking processes. Industrial lasers belong to the fourth category of laser products, which have certain damage to the eyes and skin.

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We got fantastic support for multi product range like Sandvik Cutting Tools, ITW Chemin, Bradma Punch. Also, we are a manufacturer of Laser Cutting Products & CNC Automation Solutions. We are a leading Manufacturer of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and Pipe Cutting Machine from Ahmedabad, India. Fiber Laser Cutting Machine equipped with Raycus Fiber 500 W laser source, which has international advanced laser technology. The LG-500 is our smallest machine with 12″ x 20″ of work area and has a 60 Watt laser. Our lowest cost hobby machine comes with a 16″ x 24″ work area and a 45 Watt laser.

The laser engraving machine, application is just on the surface level, whereas engraving is laser marking with depth. Laser marking is the process where a material, which can be anything from ceramics, plastics like PP, PVC, Nylon, PC, ABS etc. Metals like SS copper, gold silver etc, LEDs, rubber, graphic composites, etc. is marked or labelled with a simple black mark, or in white colour . Marking and Deep engraving lasers “European Quality Indian Price” .

A main ultraviolet exposure follows to form the image through the mask. The remaining black layer absorbs the ultraviolet radiation, which polymerizes the underlying photopolymer where the black layer has been removed. The exposed digital plate still needs to be processed like a conventional flexo plate. That is, using solvent-based washout with the necessary waste recovery techniques, although some water-washable digital plates are in development.

CYCJET relies on head office which has experts with more than 15 years experience and high innovation spirits to ensuring the product’s quality & reliability and the company’s future development. The following conditions are ideal for our laser marking machine. Chillers are a critical aspect of any jewelry laser engraver and it should be checked periodically. Filters, fans, coolant levels, coolant quality and cleanliness should all be checked on an interval set forth by your machine’s manufacturer. Cleaning the jewelry laser engraver after every use, at the same time using a vacuum cleaner to suck dust and dirt from the machine once a week.

Its rotary blade can cut through various fabrics effortlessly, and the supported apps allow you to plan your projects on a PC or smartphone. This particular model is one of their biggest models, and it can be fitted with various different laser modules available on the official NEJE website. Our dedicated team operates in dozens of offices around the world, while our unrivaled distribution network is poised to deliver robust equipment to your doorstep.