Rail Pulley Track What is the difference between roller and steel ball slides

Roller guide rails have the following characteristics.
1、Faster linear speed, higher acceleration
V-roller in roller guide V-face rolling, linear speed up to 10m/s, acceleration up to 2G. This is through the fine production process to ensure that Hepco Hepco UK factory with ISO9001 certification and aerospace standards TS157 certification, the production of precision roller bearings up to P4 level of accuracy, certain precision indicators up to P2 level, and spindle bearings With the same precision, precision roller guide surface roughness up to 0.4um.
2、Low noise
Roller bearing V groove and roller guide V surface, with good contour consistency; V roller in roller V guide surface smooth rolling, line contact can greatly reduce the noise when running at high speed.
And ball guide slider in the ball rolling along the raceway, high-speed operation when the ball collision will produce a lot of noise.
3, suitable for use from dust-free to dust and other harsh environments.
Hepco Hepco roller bearings in the rolling body does not have direct contact with the V surface of the guide, in addition to roller bearings have very good sealing performance, roller bearing V groove and roller guide V surface line contact, through the V-guide technology constantly “scraping” action, the dust, debris, chips and other impurities from the V surface of the guide scraped, to keep the V surface of the guide clean, very suitable for use in harsh environments.
The rolling body of the ball guide and the guide surface is in direct contact, the pollutants falling on the guide is easy to contact the rolling body; for the ball guide, the dust, chips and other impurities on the guide surface have a disastrous impact on the normal use and life of the ball guide; because in a harsh working environment, the brush or scraper is difficult to prevent dust, chips and other small impurities from entering the inside of the slider.

Impurities into the slider inside will increase the ball force, thus accelerating the wear of the ball, which not only affects the smoothness and accuracy of the ball guide movement, but also greatly shortens the service life of the ball guide.
4, reduce the accuracy requirements of the installation reference.
Hepco Hepco V-guided roller guide system in a V-roller, equivalent to a slider of the ball guide, V-roller and roller guide V-face contact, similar to a single point of contact, so as to greatly reduce the accuracy requirements of the installation reference surface, assembly time and energy saving.
For ball guide, due to the need to ensure that multiple ball and raceway contact within the slider, assembly, ball guide on the installation of the reference surface accuracy requirements are very strict, in order to ensure straightness, flatness and parallelism, need to see the table leveling grinding, etc., time-consuming and labor-intensive; if you encounter long stroke applications, due to the impact of external china TRACK ROLLER factors, it is almost impossible to ensure that the required installation reference surface accuracy.
5、Low maintenance cost
Hepco Hepco V-roller guide maintenance, can replace the worn guide or roller alone, do not need to replace all, through the adjustment of the eccentric roller, can be easily adjusted and get the required preload, maintenance and replacement costs are much lower.
Ball guide slider ball or guide wear, once the need to replace, in order to ensure the required clearance or preload, it is necessary to replace the entire set of guide and slider, because the clearance or preload value of the ball guide system needs to be set before the factory; if it is through the splicing to get a long stroke, the new guide and the old guide alignment is very difficult and time-consuming, because the need to ensure the straightness of the entire guide system, flatness and parallelism.
6, preload adjustable at any time
Roller guide in the assembly, concentric rollers and eccentric rollers used in conjunction, you can always adjust the preload between the rollers and the guide to ensure smooth operation.
The clearance or preload of the ball guide needs to be set before leaving the factory, during use, it cannot be adjusted.
7、Longer service life
Hepco Hepco’s roller guide has a much longer life than the roller bearings, in many cases, only need to replace the roller, and then by adjusting the eccentric roller eccentric distance to get the required preload.
Ball guide, whether it is ball or guide wear to a certain extent after, in order to ensure the application of the required preload or clearance, are required to change the whole set.
Generally speaking, the rail is the longest life component in the whole linear motion system; if the ball guide is used, change the slider will have to change the rail; for the roller guide, it is possible to change only the roller.
Within the lifetime of the complete set, the same slider and roller life; if a ball guide is used, changing the slider will require changing the track; for roller guides in good working condition, it is possible to change only the rollers.