Practical Marketing Ways Prompt Firms Forward(I)

Along with drastic competition around the same products’ manufacturers or in the same fields, a lot of practical marketing methods have been developed and created so that prompt the companies’ development in this market of drastic competition. Certainly, marketing ways are very important, however, during its sales period, the products quality is also the important link to influence further of companies or factories. Let us know these practical marketing ways immediately,square steel tubing for sale


One-to-one marketing

Mass marketing is to develop a product and strive to find customers for it, while one-to-one marketing is a new marketing method to cultivate a customer and strive to tailor it and search for products.

It is an activity aiming at satisfying customer’s individualized needs. It requires that everything should start from customer’s needs, serve customers by setting up “customer bank”, establish good relations with each customer in the library, carry out differentiated services according to customer’s characteristics and needs, and develop individualized products. So it can also be called personalized marketing.


Because it avoids intermediate links, pays attention to product design innovation, service management and enterprise resource integration and operation efficiency, realizes the rapid formation and fission development of the market, and is a powerful weapon for enterprises to win. Especially with the development of information technology, the importance of this marketing mode has become increasingly prominent.

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