New Business opportunity in China(I)

According to topic ‘Table for one please! More Chinese dine alone’, I think you will know this new business opportunity should be referring to catering industry. At the end of 2017, a topic about Haidilao, a Hotpot chain in China famous for its high-quality service, became popular on social networks: a teddy bear plush toy sitting in front of guests eating alone.

But how “considerate” is this? Many people believe that in today’s China, eating alone is a time to enjoy solitude, even a fact of life, rather than a matter of sympathy. (Loneliness is a person’s carnival, carnival is the loneliness of a group of people)galvanized steel tubing suppliers

Busy Hour, Saving Time

A recent report by Kantar, a market research group, echoes this view. About 46% of respondents said they had eaten alone in the past 24 hours, an increase of 9% over 2017 in Kantar, a London-based professional company that provides consumer research, market analysis and media monitoring services. Kantar’s parent company is WPP Group, the world’s largest communications group.

Around 16 percent of respondents said they preferred to eat out alone. One of the reasons for eating alone may be the rise in the proportion of single families in China. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the number of registered marriages in China has declined every year since 2014, while the divorce rate has risen for 16 consecutive years.

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