Good Ways For Increasing Effect Of FB Advertisement(II)

Overall consideration of positioning

Targeted audience selection, but not too small. The audience should be consistent with the advertising objectives (e.g. brand awareness advertising to a wide audience; direct marketing advertising to a more specific audience). To place ads on users who are most likely to be interested in your ads, you can pinpoint them in the following ways:

  • Interest or behavioral orientation
  • Custom audiences created based on pixels or customer data Steel Pipe Suppliers
  • Similar audiences created by users interacting with the business

Note: If you locate the highest value customers or want to cover most users in a small group of audiences, you may need to set higher bidding than usual to cover them.


Using Instagram and Audience Network for Extension


At the same time, displaying ads on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network can help you promote across devices to more users, and reduce the average cost of a single effort. At the advertising level of the advertising creation tool, make sure you choose to use the other two formats, and your advertising creativity meets the requirements of Instagram and Audio Network.

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