A special building “China house” in China(I)

There are so many special and traditional buildings in China owns its unique Chinese style and feature. By this time you will know “China House”, another classic building in Tianjin City of China which belongs to one of the four of municipalities. If you expect to know what is difference? Please read my post immediately about this special building “China house” in China.

Brief of China House in Tianjin

“China House” is located at No.72, Chifeng Road, Heping District, Tianjin. It is a unique building in the world. Its predecessor is a French-style old building which has gone through a hundred years. Its present life is extremely luxurious “Porcelain Beauty Building”.tin plate suppliers

The building is known as a valuable “Museum of Chinese Ancient Porcelain”. This “China House” is a French-style foreign building decorated with many antiques on Chifeng Road in Tianjin. It was designed by Mr. Zhang Lianzhi, the owner of the “China House”. It is built on Chifeng Road, Heping District, Tianjin. The Chifeng Road runs from Haihe River in the east to Qianzihe River in the west, across the original French Concession (Foreign Settlement).

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