The Current Key Point in China is to Improve the Innovative Education Quality (V)

Take the innovative education as the breakthrough and accelerate the connotative development of higher education

Education not only provide people get a job and career life skill, but to develop people’s innovative spirit, innovative recognize and innovative skill. According to the fact, we suggest you can get a breakthrough from these aspects.Mini Electric Scooter Manufacturer in China

Firstly, we must take innovation and entrepreneurship education as a breakthrough, and focus on promoting the reform of teaching methods, curriculum systems, training models and supporting systems. Deepen the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities as a breakthrough to promote the comprehensive reform of the entire higher education system, and strive to cultivate the scientific spirit, innovation consciousness, creativity and social responsibility to the whole student. For example, appropriately reduce the number of core courses, increase the openness and diversity of the curriculum structure, and give students more autonomy in learning. Intensify the reform of the flexible academic system, promote the reform of the semester system, encourage interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary learning; improve the professional dynamic adjustment mechanism. At the same time, we should break through the limitations of previous teaching reforms as much as possible, and start from the comprehensive reform of talent cultivation, discipline construction and scientific research integration, and bring innovation and entrepreneurship education to a deeper level. It is necessary to actively build a multi-participant collaborative education ecosystem, improve the school-enterprise cooperation and resource sharing mechanism, and promote the timely transformation of social quality education resources into innovative and entrepreneurial education teaching content.

The second is to promote the deep integration of the new generation of digital technology and education and teaching, to adapt to the new needs of talent training under the digital transformation. Accelerate the deep application of new generation digital technologies such as the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality in classroom teaching and education management, actively explore intelligent, low-cost, and personalized education methods, and encourage the development of “Internet plus education”. Enhance teachers’ digital teaching literacy, and promote the application of flipping classrooms, ubiquitous learning, here and mixed teaching in new modes such as space creation, multidisciplinary learning, and maker education. Accelerate the improvement of the supporting system of inter-school accreditation and standard system construction, and actively introduce social forces to participate in college education innovation.

The third is to stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers and support the promotion of innovative education. Further clarify the responsibilities of all teachers to participate in innovative education, encourage classified management, and deepen the improvement of performance and professional title evaluation system. Strengthen the assessment of teaching performance, implement a one-vote veto system for teaching work evaluation in the evaluation of professional technical titles, and effectively increase the incentives for outstanding teachers in the performance of innovative education. Ensuring that teaching and scientific research are the same important evaluation basis from the system, and continuing to strengthen the construction of teachers’ morality and style in colleges and universities. Accelerate the improvement of the teaching and training and teaching development system for college teachers, improve the talent flow mechanism between universities and industries, reform the selection and appointment mechanism, and improve the quality of the source.

What is the Industrial Internet’s Real Features?(II)

Secondly, there is currently no country in the world that artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and network security are implemented as major science and technology projects. This will be the best opportunity for China to achieve lane change.

Thirdly, China has a very strong manufacturing group and has mastered certain core technologies in building an industrial Internet. If there is a good policy to lead, strengthen intellectual property protection, and form a good industrial development ecology, the industrial Internet will certainly promote the high-quality development of China’s manufacturing industry.

Zhang Jun believes that the industrial Internet is first of all connected, but more importantly, it gives the ability to perceive industrial equipment. In the next step, if the industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing are combined, 6 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult it will make great changes in the development of China’s industrial Internet. “For example, after processing the device, the next link is automatically connected, and finally through the calculation to provide personalized service for the already formed products. This interlocking, will make industrial production become intelligent.” Zhang Jun said.

Opening a new industrial revolution

The essence and core of the Industrial Internet is the close integration of equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, products and customers through the Industrial Internet Platform. From the perspective of enterprises, the Industrial Internet is like the intelligent assistant of modern industry. Through the data analysis provided by the industrial Internet platform, the company can more accurately and efficiently understand the knowledge in the fields of industrial R&D, manufacturing, management and so on, thus opening a brand new industrial revolution.

Liu Lihua, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said that the Industrial Internet has helped some enterprises to reduce the amount of labor, reduce transportation costs, improve product quality, and help optimize inventory and reduce the overall cost of enterprises.

“At the same time, the development of the industrial Internet is also conducive to expanding the increment and supporting the advanced manufacturing industry to extend to the high end of the value chain.” 8 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult Liu Lihua said that there are many characteristics of high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, including the extension of the value chain to both ends. Through the industrial Internet, enterprises can help the industry chain, form inter-device, cross-system, cross-plant, cross-regional interconnection, thereby improving efficiency and promoting the entire manufacturing service system to achieve intelligence.

Mysterious Universe – Gravitational Waves(II)

History of gravitational wave detection

In the past 60 years, many physicists and astronomers have made countless efforts to prove the existence of gravitational waves. One of the most famous indirect experimental evidences for the existence of gravitational waves is the pulsar binary PSR 1913+16.


In 1974, Professor Joseph Taylor, a physicist at the University of Massachusetts, and Russell Hulse, a student, used the 308-meter radio telescope in the United States to discover a two-star system with two neutron stars of roughly the same mass as the sun.steel coil manufacturers

Because one of the two neutron stars is a pulsar, using its precise periodic radio pulse signal, we can know the semi-long axis and period of the orbit of two compact stars when they rotate around their center of mass with great precision.


According to general relativity theory, gravitational radiation is produced when two compact stars circle each other at close distances. The radiated gravitational waves carry away the energy, so the total energy of the system will be less and less, and the orbit radius and period will be shorter.

These Foods can Help Us Protect Our Liver II

You may have already understood the damage of alcohol to the liver. Long-term alcoholism can harden your liver, so moderate drinking is something everyone should follow.

Green tea. The catechins rich in green tea can prevent many cancers, including liver cancer, a pot of hot water, a cup of hot tea, feeling a healthy life.

Broccoli. A large number of green vegetables have no harm to your liver. According to research, broccoli can effectively prevent the formation of alcoholic liver, and broccoli is a good taste whether it is fried or eaten cold. Good food. And broccoli also has a good effect on weight loss, so women may wish to eat more.

Spinach. The spinach here won’t make you more powerful,square steel tubing but it will protect your liver. Spinach is rich in a powerful antioxidant called glutathione, which makes your liver healthier. Sharing a delicious spinach salad at noon is very healthy.

Blueberry. Blueberry is rich in polyphenolic nutrients, adding more “fuel” to your liver, making the liver “energetic.” If you don’t like the taste of blueberries, try plums or olives. There are also a lot of polyphenols in them.

Water. Drinking water from the water can reduce the burden on the liver and make your liver work better. So eight glasses of water a day is not unreasonable. II

Russian Agriculture’s Counter Attack (I)

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said recently that Russia has basically achieved sufficient supply of agricultural products. In the future, it plans to further expand the scale of Russian agricultural exports. The long-term goal of Russian agricultural exports is to “send the agricultural production to the world.”

Before the West imposed sanctions on Russia in 2014, the import of Russian agricultural products has always been higher than the export value. Since then, Russia has actively promoted agricultural reform and revitalization under external pressure, and the effect has been remarkable. Russian President Vladimir Putin said recently that agriculture has become the “locomotive” of Russia’s economic growth.

The future of the Russian economy

Since 2014, Western countries have imposed economic sanctions on Russia for four years. Russia’s long-standing economic structure, which is highly dependent on energy exports, has experienced frequent crises under the influence of falling international energy prices, huge capital outflows and the accelerated depreciation of the ruble.

When people are still arguing “when the Russian economy collapses” and when international energy commodity prices bottom out, Russia’s agriculture in 2015 has shown a contrarian growth, becoming one of the few growth areas in the Russian economy; in 2016, Russia’s grain output reached its highest level in 38 years, and agricultural exports even exceeded the arms export revenue. Among them, the production of sugar beet is more than 48 million tons, which has surpassed France, the United States and Germany to become the world’s largest beet sugar producer. In 2017, Russia’s grain output reached a new high in 40 years, galvanized steel tubing suppliers reaching 134 million tons. In 2018, despite several adverse weather conditions, the net weight of cereal harvests is still 11% higher than the average of the past five years.

Under Western sanctions, Russia not only solved the problem of food self-sufficiency, but also guaranteed national food security and regained the position of world wheat export hegemon. Putin hopes to achieve greater achievements in the agricultural sector and become “the locomotive of Russia’s economic development.” Some experts also regard agriculture as “the future of the Russian economy.”

In fact, the “rise up” of Russian agriculture is not an overnight success. The unique conditions for agricultural development and the long-term protection and support of the government for agriculture are the solid foundation for the “counterattack” of Russian agriculture in the past few years. Western sanctions have objectively accelerated the pace of optimization of Russia’s economic structure, stimulating and promoting the development of agriculture.

Continuous policy

Russia is the only country in the world where all resources can be self-sufficient. Its cultivated land area is 142 million hectares, and the per capita cultivated area is 0.86 hectares, far higher than the world’s per capita arable land index. After Putin came to power in 2000, he regarded agriculture as an important area related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, and pointed out that “without the revival of Russian agriculture, there can be no revival of the Russian economy.”

The Most Breathtaking Tourist Attractions in the World (I)

Although there are many tourist attractions in the world, most of the tourist attractions are composed of local natural beauty and humanistic features. However, there are tourist attractions in the world that are famous for their thrills. Today, let’s introduce these for the friends who like to adventure. The world has five famous tourist attractions. Have you experienced these five tourist attractions?


The first is Huashan in China, and Huashan is the Nishioka among the five mountains of China. We can also call it Taihua Mountain. The word “Hua” in China is derived from Huashan. Huashan is located in Huayin City, Fuyang City, Shaanxi Province. square steel tubing Since ancient times, there has been a saying that “the first wonder mountain in the world.” Huashan is the first batch of national key scenic spots, national AAAAA-level tourist attractions, national key cultural relics protection units, and national geological parks. In 1982, Huashan was promulgated by the State Council as the first batch of national-level scenic spots; in 1991, Huashan was named one of the forty best tourist destinations by the National Tourism Administration; in 1999, Huashan was named by the Central Civilization Committee, the Ministry of Construction, and the National Tourism Administration. In 2004, Huashan was rated as one of China’s top ten famous mountains; in 2011, Huashan was rated as National AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration; on June 29, 2017, Huashan won the “2017 China’s most popular scenic spot”.

It is also the most dangerous and popular hiking trail in China. This trail built on the mountain is very terrifying from the beginning to the end. Although this mountaineering trail is very dangerous, there are still many tourists who want to go up the mountain to challenge.

Hussein Suspension Bridge

The second is the Hussein Suspension Bridge in Pakistan, the Husseini Bridge known as one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. In 1978, the Karakoram Highway was opened to traffic, but the transportation inside the area was as difficult as it was 100 years ago. Travel routes in the area are crossover cables and streams and bridges in the mountains of northern Pakistan. One of them is the Hussein Suspension Bridge, which spans the Great River in the Hunza area.

This suspension bridge is just a rope bridge made up of many planks. Although this suspension bridge is very dangerous, it is the only way for most of the local citizens to be the Dadar Rawalpindi. The suspension bridge was long and broken, and many of the planks on the deck had fallen off. Although the suspension bridge is not long, but the pedals have been fragmented because of its old. The horror is that there is an old Husseini suspension bridge that has already been smashed besides it, which makes you feel scared. Many local residents are also facing strong winds when they are crossing the suspension bridge. However, this seemingly dangerous suspension bridge seems to have been rebuilt in 2011.

Practical Marketing Ways Prompt Firms Forward(I)

Along with drastic competition around the same products’ manufacturers or in the same fields, a lot of practical marketing methods have been developed and created so that prompt the companies’ development in this market of drastic competition. Certainly, marketing ways are very important, however, during its sales period, the products quality is also the important link to influence further of companies or factories. Let us know these practical marketing ways immediately,square steel tubing for sale


One-to-one marketing

Mass marketing is to develop a product and strive to find customers for it, while one-to-one marketing is a new marketing method to cultivate a customer and strive to tailor it and search for products.

It is an activity aiming at satisfying customer’s individualized needs. It requires that everything should start from customer’s needs, serve customers by setting up “customer bank”, establish good relations with each customer in the library, carry out differentiated services according to customer’s characteristics and needs, and develop individualized products. So it can also be called personalized marketing.


Because it avoids intermediate links, pays attention to product design innovation, service management and enterprise resource integration and operation efficiency, realizes the rapid formation and fission development of the market, and is a powerful weapon for enterprises to win. Especially with the development of information technology, the importance of this marketing mode has become increasingly prominent.

Good Ways For Increasing Effect Of FB Advertisement(II)

Overall consideration of positioning

Targeted audience selection, but not too small. The audience should be consistent with the advertising objectives (e.g. brand awareness advertising to a wide audience; direct marketing advertising to a more specific audience). To place ads on users who are most likely to be interested in your ads, you can pinpoint them in the following ways:

  • Interest or behavioral orientation
  • Custom audiences created based on pixels or customer data Steel Pipe Suppliers
  • Similar audiences created by users interacting with the business

Note: If you locate the highest value customers or want to cover most users in a small group of audiences, you may need to set higher bidding than usual to cover them.


Using Instagram and Audience Network for Extension


At the same time, displaying ads on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network can help you promote across devices to more users, and reduce the average cost of a single effort. At the advertising level of the advertising creation tool, make sure you choose to use the other two formats, and your advertising creativity meets the requirements of Instagram and Audio Network.

Some Methods Have To Care For Self-build House(I)

About the self-build house, not only we have to consider proper contractor or subcontractors, a suitable lot and design for the house, but we also think about what building materials about exterior and interior we purchase, how to inspect the home we already built. Latter methods even are more important for self-build house sometimes because these factors may effect your life quality during dwelling in the new house. So next is complete information to tell you important methods for self-build house.steel coil manufacturers

Choice of Building materials

There are many options for building a home. You need to choose the type of windows, doors, cabinets, floors, countertops, faucets and many other small items to use. Learn more about equipping your home. This process may be overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s better to hire an external design company to help you choose, but it is usually cheaper to do it yourself. Suggest you may refer related building materials guidance book

Manage the construction process

Even if you hire a general contractor to oversee your project, you need to solve the problems that arise. Every residential construction project will encounter some difficulties, cost overruns and changes. It is hoped that the process of solving the problem will be solved in the construction contract. Learn more. Before you or your contractor can start, you must also obtain the required permit from the city or county.

NBA player said “I do not feel in the UK as safe”(I)

NBA star Enes Kanter should be looking forward to playing basketball in London next week. Instead, he said he would stay in the United States for fear of being assassinated in Britain. “I don’t feel safe in the UK” said, Enes Kanter.tin plate suppliers

Concrete news information

Enes Kanter said over the phone from his New York base “The Turkish government is obsessed with me,” The 26-year-old Knicks Center in New York explained to journalists why he cancelled the competition at the O2 arena on January 17. “I speak out against [President] Erdogan, and so I don’t feel safe.” He added “It is sad as I love Harry Potter, and wanted to come see all of London so badly, but I can not take the risk.”

In fact, Enes Kanter’s Knicks team will continue the regular season against the Washington Wizards without him. Their game in London was part of the NBA’s strategy to bring the sport to the world, but ironically, it did not bring in one of the best players in the world. Kanter is an outspoken critic of his homeland’s president, Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan.